Hamster. In A Very Small Sweater.


Nothing beats this on by blog feed today!

Cute Overload

Roll up the InterTubes and go home. That’s all there is for today. Thanks for coming. Drive safely.

June T. sent this in, and we are forever in her debt.

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International Book Giving Day 2014


For International Book Giving Day 2014, I am working with Barnardo’s NI to donate to them a wish-list of books that they can use within their projects. Check back next week when I will have the list available to browse. You can make a donation to cover the price of a whole book (all books will have 20% off their cover price), or make a small donation via Paypal towards a book. If you donate the cost of a whole book, you will have the option of attaching a book plate to the book to mark your donation.

International Book Giving Day 2014Image

A modern interpretation of Matthew 25:31-46


Very well put…

Navel Cutbacks


Then, the King said,

“I was hungry and you told me that it was my own fault for being lazy and believing that I was entitled to help from hard working families and that I’d probably spent all of my money on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs anyway.

I was thirsty and you assumed that I was desperate for gin or vodka, rather than water.

I was naked and you said that I would have more chance of a job if I took more care of my personal appearance, even though I wore all I could afford.

I was poor and you told me I was a scrounger who just wanted to sponge off the state and put stories about me on the tv and newspapers, despite knowing nothing about my circumstances.

I was sick and you denied me any help, told me to go back to work and assumed I…

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Ambassador Exclusive Offer – Storytime


Limited offer – only £4.00

Buy Now Button with Credit CardsSince I first started selling Barefoot Books, I don’t think I’ve stopped singing the praises of Storytime. This collection of seven folk stories includes the Gingerbread Man (our favourite!) and Stone Soup, and comes with a lovely CD of the stories narrated by Jim Broadbent. And for a limited time, I am offering this collection for only £4.00 (RRP £8.99) plus £2.50 p&p.

This offer comes directly from my own personal inventory and is not available on the Barefoot Website. Stock is limited, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. UK postage only.