Top Ten… Reasons I sell Barefoot!


1. It’s a product I LOVE and use daily

2. The culture! Sell Barefoot – live Barefoot. It’s all very relaxed, and ‘your business, your way’

3. The training and help you get from Barefoot and all the other Ambassadors

4. Barefoot has a generous compensation scheme which allows anyone to work towards team leader status, with no territories or limits to how many leaders there are

5. You’re not limited to sell only Barefoot products, you can happily have more than one business.

6. No pressure to make sales targets. To remain active you have to sell £300 over 6 months, but other than that you set your own sales targets.

7. Barefoot are Books that you don’t typically see stocked on the high street – so I’m providing a new experience to my customers

8. It’s a fullly flexible job! No more missing school plays or having to take time off for appointments. You can even do your accounts in your jammmies with a big cup of tea!

9. You can build yourself a whole new set of skills – from storytelling to online marketing!

10. Being a sponsor and mentoring new Ambassadors as they build their business.


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