Where you Read, they will Follow


It doesn’t really matter what you read – chicklit, old stuff, new stuff, graphic novels. The important thing is to let your children see you read books. We all know that our kids soak up our habits, good and bad. So let them soak up a good one and let them see you curl up with a good book.

When I was small, it was Lord of the Rings that I remember my dad reading. And my mum read a lot too, 3 books from the library, every week. It was normal to see my parents read books, so it was normal for me to read them too. And about it not being important what you read… I’ve never read the Lord of The Rings. Not even a page. Your children will find their own tastes. 50 Shades can stay your little secret!

In his later years, my dad enjoyed a good Ian Rankin book. Mostly in hardback, on the day it came out. I’m really sad that he died just a week before he could read Saints of the Shadow Bible and get the the root of what makes Rebus, Rebus.

So I’m going to head down to our local independent bookshop (the wonderful No Alibis) and pick up a copy and read it for my dad. In front of my children. I should point out too that I’m buying myself a real copy from a real bookstore in protest at the ownership of kindle books. Dad was disgusted to find out that he didn’t actually own the books on his kindle and was only ‘renting’ them for his lifetime, so to speak. So until that’s sorted, I guess we turn off the whispernet incase it hears that my dad is no longer here and wipes it clean. Corporations should not be able to toy with our legacies.


One thought on “Where you Read, they will Follow

  1. maire

    Well said jakki, the best legacy we can give our children is a love of reading and the best way to do it is to lead by example. Nothing beats the excitement of a much awaited book, a comfy chair and a cup of tea.
    Love to you and your family x

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