In Memory of my Dad


I’m feeling a little numb today, as my dad passed away yesterday. He was suffering from pancreatic cancer, and while I am terribly sad that he is gone, I am relieved that he is no longer in pain.  A lot of the time I feel like it’s not real, then it just feels like I’m hollow and empty.

I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog posts to my dad because he spent so much time reading to me and taking me to (imaginary) lands far away that it just feels like the best thing I can do right now.  I’m going to work on some posts  that are aimed at us grown-ups fostering a love of books and a joy for reading, learning, and going far, far away.

If you have any tips for reading, I’d love to hear them.


For my dad, who once told me I couldn’t be a hairdresser because they would send me to the moon, and kept his sense of humour right until the very end. ❤


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