BELFAST LORD MAYOR’S BLOG (@NEWBELFAST) Imagination and flexibility needed to help school



Belfast Lord Mayor

Janet Doud, the pioneering principal of Taughmonagh Primary School is in a quandary. She has just settled into a beautiful new school in the strongly unionist area of south Belfast but finds herself short of space to deliver the quality education she believes her pupils need and deserve.

As a result, some of the classes are delivered in the corridors of the school, adjacent to fire exits. While grateful for her state-of-the-art premises and enhanced funding arrangements which benefit low income areas like Taughmonagh, the principal finds that to really exploit the benefits of new programmes created for schools like Taughmonagh, she needs two more classrooms.

But that’s where the bureaucracy throws up roadblocks. For to date, no one within the educational authorities has found a way to provide the £60,000 (maximum) needed to provide two additional mobile classrooms which could resolve this dilemma and allow principal Doud to get…

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