Back to Little Red Riding Hood!


Image Little Red Riding Hood is a story that pretty much all of us know. Girl meets wolf, wolf meets granny. Wolf eats Granny and Red who are rescued by the valiant wood cutter. Little vunerable girls shouldn’t speak to strangers because, well, they are helpless to look after themselves and will need rescued by a big strong man. The end.

But cast your mind back… might there be another version of this tale? One in which little Red sees red? Enter Lari Don and Barefoot Books and a retelling of what, as one mum recently got very excited about telling me, is the ‘proper’ version. There are no punches pulled here. After being rescued from the belly of the wolf, Red decides to take back control of the situation. Out of the wolf comes Granny and Red, and into the wolf goes some rather large stones. And that, as they say, was the end of the big, bad wolf. Remember that version now? Grizzly it may be, but it also sets Red up as an empowered little girl who doesn’t just ‘let’ things happen to her. Bad things may happen, but you can still choose not to be a victim. Much better than your usual happy ever after.


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