20 of the Best: The Story Tree


TheStoryTree_HCwCD_W_2 The Story Tree is a collection of  7 tales from around the world, perfect for reading aloud for the 3-7 age group. They have been retold by Hugh Lupton, who also narrates the CD, and illustrated by Sophie Fatus in her distictively sweet fashion. We listened to this CD a LOT when we were travelling over the summer, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we all knew them off by heart. Our favourite is ‘Monkey-See, Monkey-Do’ from India; it’s a funny story about a hat seller who loses his temper as well as his hats. Plus, there are monkeys! The grown-ups in the house discovered that we were actually familiar with most of the tales, like The Little Red Hen and the Magic Porridge Pot. It was nice to be reminded of our childhood, but quite sad that they seem to have become a little lost over the past few years. We are both glad that we can share these stories with the girls – thank goodness for Barefoot!


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