20 of the Best: Portside Pirates


portsidepirates_genpbcdex_w_5  Portside Pirates, or ‘Tooney Pirates’ as she likes to call it, has to be Emily’s all time favourite Barefoot Book. It’s sung along to the tune of the song ‘When I was One’ (you’ll know it when you hear it), usually very loudly and over and over until I’ve lost my voice! If you don’t have the version of the book that has the enhanced cd, I’d recommend checking out the video on Youtube. Emily loves the bright pictures and spending hours asking what things are on all the pages – the story takes the Pirates around the world to find treasure so there’s plenty to spot. The end notes of the book have short biographies of some famous Pirates (including some girl Pirates) and a plan of a ship with all the parts named. The biographies fit nicely with the Barefoot Book of Pirates, which is aimed at older children, and there are plenty of other items to tie in – parrot puppets, jigsaws and stickers. If you’re thinking of having a Pirate themed party, then this would be perfect to pop in a goody bag for the kids to take home.


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