20 of the Best: Herb the Vegetarian Dragon


HerbTheVegetarianDragon_HC_W_1Herb the Vegetarian Dragon is unique amongst books that we’ve read because it’s the only one that has the approval of the Vegetarian society! Saying that, it’s a book for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike because it is, underneath all the brightly colourd vegetables, a book about tolerance. Herb is a dragon apart from the rest, who tends his vegetable garden (look out for it, it’s gorgeous!) and leaves the other dragons alone with their pillaging and knight-munching. Quite rightly, the people get fed up with being eaten and decide that they must get rid of all the dragons from their land. This is overheard by the leader of the meat-eating dragons and they go off into hiding, leaving Herb as to be captured in their place. They try to tempt Herb to eat meat, by saying if he does so, they will rescue him from his grizzly fate. What will Herb do? Will he stand up for what he believes in, or eat the meat so he can be rescued? Herb’s situation is one that a lot of children identify with, where they are put under pressure to deny something they believe in by their peers. It’s hard to be the only one who is vegetarian, or is of a different religion or nationality than the rest, and it’s easy to think that veryone is against you. This is a great book for teaching children about standing up for what you believe in, while respecting that others may hold different beliefs to you.¬† Read it, and enjoy!


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