20 of the Best: I Took the Moon for a Walk


ITookTheMoonForAWalk_PB_W I Took the Moon for a walk by Carolyn Curtis and Alison Jay is a gentle walk that a small boy takes through the night with the moon, exploring the nocturnal world. The gentle rhyme is soothing and comforting, just right for any little ones who may be afraid of the dark.  The illustrations by Alison Jay are full of night-time goings on, with plenty of nocturnal animals to spot throughout the pages. The gentle, muted colours compliment the words and  the softness of style takes any fear out of the boy’s journey through the night.  If you want to find out more about the world at night, there are two pages of end notes with facts about the moon and night-time animals.

Alison Jay books are a perrenial favourite with everyone at Barefoot in Belfast, and are ideal presents. You can find another of her books, Listen Listen on the Barefoot website, and there is another book due early next year which we can’t  wait to see!




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