Bear Takes A Trip


I have to admit (and to my shame) that I overlook the Bear books an awful lot. The plus side to this is that when one is thrust into my hands to read, I always find myself delighted to find out what the Bear is up to now.

Today’s choice (made by Abigail) was – you might have guessed- Bear Takes a Trip. The Bear books are bright and vibrant. They are very busy, but Abigail loved this; she’s not keen on trying to read the words herself but was happy to describe what was going on and spot the black and white striped things that appear in every picture. There’s a map inside the front cover too – handy for making up your own journey, or remembering where Bear has been. What I find particularly clever is that the book effortlessly spans the age range 2-6. It’s a multilayered book – smaller children will enjoy the rhymes and bright pictures; older children can create their own narratives and develop their sense of observation. As an added plus, Bear on a Trip is designed with learning to tell the time. Every page features a clock and the digital time and there’s additional explanation of timetelling after the story. Plenty to keep little ones busy x


Also available in English/French English/Spanish bilingual format.


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