Elephant Does



One of the things I love most about Elephant Dance is the language; Ravi’s Grandfather certainly know how to paint a picture with what he says! So Abigail and I had a game of turning everyone in the family into animals, using words (and not magic!).  Abigail enjoyed having a think about what animals we were all like, and why. It was great to see her make a connection between the characteristics of an animal and a person. She mainly used more visible characteristics, like Emily’s habit of eating things off the floor rather than more abstract concepts like faithfulness. I enjoyed the little journey into how she sees the world; it’s definitely something we’ll be doing again.

So here’s what we are….

Emily the puppy dog

Abigail the hungry mouse

Mummy the big dinosaur (I hope I’m not too close to extinction!)

Daddy the fluffy reindeer (arms and chest apparently)

Try it…you might like it!


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