What’s In YOUR Bento? Alien Invader Edition…


I love that Bento boxes are so creative. One day, I’ll master it too!

Small Potatoes

title“Brace yourself for immediate disintegration!”  ~Marvin the Martian, Looney Tunes

A little while ago, I started following @eatsamazing on Instagram. She really makes some cool lunches. Well, one day I spotted her little monster egg on her IG feed and fell in love. It’s so very simple to make…just a boiled egg with a few dotty food picks sticking out and some googly eyes!

I decided to create a whole lunch around this little idea, and it went like this…bottomlayerI used the end of a straw to remove a “plug” of egg white and put edible eyes in the holes that were left. I used these dot picks to create the alien antennae. I used a small star-shaped cutter for cheese and apple salad.

topLayerFor the rocket ship sandwich…rocketsandwichI used the cookie cutter to cut each slice of bread, meat and cheese one at a time, and then…

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